After the end, there is hope for a new World.

Stalker 2 Trailer Scoring Demo

Scene Scoring Practice

Horror Trailer Soundtrack Demo

About Toko

Orchestral composer and beginner game developer

" I grew up with video games and their fantastic soundtracks. I really admire the way music can draw us into a story and give us so much emotions. This is the way I also want to tell things, by music and putting people at the center of the story, and one day I will also write my own story."

About Yann Alper

Electronic music composer and sound designer

" Since I am a child I loved tweaking knobs and I am moved by my cinematographic culture. Mostly Sci-fi universes and Post-apo worlds, but I like to explore new imaginaries. I like the idea that I create sounds of worlds that we can't hear, stories that we can't live and visions we can't see. "

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